Who We Are

Early in the nineteenth century, there was unrest among the churches in America. Many, in all denominations, believed that the followers of Christ should lay aside the traditions of men and go back to the Church of the New Testament.

Walter Scott, James O'Kelly, Barton W. Stone, Thomas Campbell, and Alexander Campbell were among the brave pioneers of the frontier who said, "Discard all denominational names, creeds, and the divided spirit." These men appealed to all believers to be "Christians and Christians only." Their purpose was not to start another denomination, but to call the people back to the Church in the New Testament. They desired to restore the unity and simplicity of the early church as it was originally designed. Their goal was to be the church as it is described in the New Testament.

That is our goal today.  We are an independent Christian Church among 5,500 congregations in the U.S.

Our plea is still a plea for the restoration of the Church described in the New Testament - in name, organization, worship, doctrine, spirit and practice. The plea is needed and relevant to our day.