History of NVCC

  • February 1, 1979 

    A group of people met together to discuss the beginning of a New Testament Church in Shenandoah, Iowa. One week later they met for a Bible study on the book of Acts in the home of Randy Carpenter. Those attending were Phil Olsen, Charlie Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tillman with children Doug, Greg, John, Dawn, Kim, and Elza Morelock. Mr. and Mrs. Red Rhoten, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sisson and Jennifer, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Carpenter and son Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Carpenter and children Chad and Kylie.

  • March 8, 1979

    he name of "The New Testament Church of Christ" was chosen while still meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Carpenter on 407 Edger in Shenandoah. The name would change when a more permanent location would be established.

  • June 3, 1979

    The first worship service began. Meeting at 909 1/2 W. Sheridan above "Just Kids".

  • July 19, 1979

    Doug and wife Marilyn Hanson began their fourteen-year ministry at The New Testament Church of Christ.

  • November 28, 1982

    The New Testament Church of Christ moved to 408 West Lowell behind Browns Shoe Store main building where they continued to meet until 1993.

  • March 1993

    The New Testament Church of Christ purchased and began the renovation of the Henry Fields Garden Center on Highway 59.

  • November 1, 1996

    Jack and wife Kathy Langley moved to Shenandoah and began their ministry.

  • August 1998

    The New Testament Church of Christ changed its name to "Nishna Valley Christian Church".

  • July 2010

    Nishna Valley Christian Church began the building of its expansion.

  • February 2013

    Adam and wife Sara Wright moved to Shenandoah and began their nine-year ministry.

  • Current

    This building is the fruition of much effort. Many hands and minds worked towards the creation of this space so that we may continue to further His kingdom.