What to Expect

You can expect a warm welcome. Our worship is first and foremost to glorify God.  Therefore we make every effort to worship Him in an orderly and reverent fashion while at the same time provide a relaxed and secure atmosphere for our guests.  

We worship with a mixture of hymns and contemporary songs.  Celebrating the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, we welcome every believer in Christ to join us. Because this is for believers (1 Corinthians 11:28,29), we encourage those who are not yet believers or too young to understand the sacrifice Christ made for us to refrain until they understand what this celebration is about.  

Every sermon is grounded in the Bible and is designed to challenge the listeners to become more like Christ.  Bibles are available for use in worship and to take home.  

We understand the challenges of visiting an unfamiliar church.  We love children and understand they have unique needs.  We provide a cry-room in the rear of our sanctuary, which is designed to allow mothers to continue to participate with us in worship while tending to the needs of little ones.  There is no obligation, this room is solely for the mother’s convenience.  

No guest is ever singled out, or asked to stand and introduce him or herself. Toward the beginning of our worship we have a time set aside for people to greet each other.  

We dress anywhere from business to very casual (Ties to T-shirts).   We encourage modesty.

Will you feel comfortable and welcome at Nishna Valley Christian Church?  ---  Come and see for yourself.